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For decades, our non-profit association has been an authoritative voice when it comes to disseminating the culture of the Low Countries. The aim is to open up the culture of the Netherlands and Flanders to the world. We operate in a cosmopolitan context based on the idea that culture unites people.


This is done through various publications, including magazines and yearbooks, our website, and events and presentations, especially in our neighbouring countries.

To be able to serve you (even better) in the future, we are planning a number of innovations. That means we are thinking about our role and function, and about you, our audience.


In spring 2019, we will launch an English-language online platform.

The platform will become a reliable beacon of information and opinion about everything that is going on in Flanders and the Netherlands in the cultural and social field.

We also want to use it to enter into a more direct discussion with you, our readers.


For the platform we will work together with cultural partners in the Netherlands and Flanders: museums, opera houses, concert venues, music festivals, tourist offices and cultural foundations. 

The platform will be a mouthpiece for the culture of the Netherlands and Flanders around the world. We will inform, analyse, criticize, interpret, enthuse and dialogue.

The focus will be on culture and society. Our aim is to offer quality, so that we directly address and interest culture lovers around the world.


In order to set up and expand this online platform optimally, we want to hear your opinion.

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All data is processed anonymously. If you have any questions or comments, or if you wish to be kept informed of the results of this survey, you can submit your opinion and email address at the end of the survey.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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